Support for Attendance

Assessment Tools

Complete School Stress Survey with Young person

Review and update pupil profile


One Page Profile

All about Me

Review / undertake sensory profile for young person Hertfordshire Steps – anxiety mapping, roots and fruits and risk management plan

Ideal school tool used with CYP



Reintegrating plan and support Drawing and talking work Reuse progression framework to identify areas of strength and weaknesses. Support lesson planning and goals. Social Stories about school timetable, changes and routine Autistic Burnout and Energy Accounting


Reduced timetable – use Hertfordshire policy and planning tool on Grid Anxiety UK Websites Healthy Young Minds in Herts website parent and young person tips on anxiety Parent Support for Emotionally based school avoidance from Hertfordshire Educational Psychologists. Includes website and book resource lists. ESMA Anxiety Resources  top tips for parents and CYP on anxiety
Dacourm Guidance for Support Mental Health Resource List. AET Teacher Support Materials Not Fine In School Leicestershire Sensory Assessment and Support Tool
National Autistic Society UK guidance and advice on attendance for autistic young people. Ofsted Review of Attendance 2022 Front of house / school office staff PowerPoint on Autism and Attendance


Timetable changes – Early starts, separate lunch, time in other classes – this can be used where observations and assessments have indicated building challenges from school day Identify liked adults encourage contact and relationship Key young person, adult mentor / peer mentor or buddy allocated

Timetabled time and / or open access to safe space in school or safe room to relax and talk.


Timetabled liked or relaxing activity.

Communication plan between family, school and CYP – who what and when
Meet and Greet each morning – Who will do this and where – is there an agreed phrase – is this a check in with the young person or just a welcome. Observing lessons to identify stresses and issues Identify and build upon areas of strengths and interest for CYP Screen for speech and language difficulties Whole school assemblies about autism
If approved non-attendance preferred subject work sent home Connections between CYP and class / school – letters home, involvement in out of school, after school activity.

Playground plan

Using ideal school tool explore how unstructured time on playground could be improved or supported.

Teaching and talking about physiology of anxiety and coping strategies Sensory Needs Reviewed

Early support external services

Pupil support worker School Nursing Step 2 DESC consultation SEND School Family Worker
Services for young people 13+ in our local area – emotional support groups and groups for young people out of formal education. Speech, Language, Communication and Autism Teachers Children’s well being practitioners SPACE and Potential Kids offer local activities for young people with autism. Extended child’s activites with others. PALMS

Support for Attendance Resources

Support for Attendance

Meeting Recording Tool for Attendance

Hertfordshire Resources for School Avoidance June 2023

Emotionally Based School Avoidance

Emotionally Based School Avoidance: Executive Summary

Emotionally Based School Avoidance: Full guidance

Anna Freud guidance on Addressing Emotional Based School Avoidance